Notting Hill Mews House

Notting Hill Mews House

Grey marble kitchen counter with hob, bowls of fruit and colourful artwork on the wall - interior design by Godrich Interiors.

We have recently completed this beautiful, four-storey mews house in Notting Hill. Key to the brief was to create an interior that would showcase our client’s stunning collection of art.

Colours and furniture throughout the property were kept tonal and sophisticated to ensure the artwork was the focus. Lighting was particularly important, providing further emphasis on notable pieces. The rich textures of polished plaster and marble have become features in their own right, creating a modern and polished feel.

Sitting room in Notting Hill mews house with a patterned rug, luxury sofa and coffee table - the interior was designed by Godrich Interiors.
A set of drawers with carefully curated ceramic pieces and artwork, all in the bedroom of a Notting Hill house with interior design by Godrich.
Bespoke interior design by Godrich for a Notting Hill mews house with unique artwork, luxury soft furnishings and a bed with a bedside table.
A large and uniquely designed play room and party space in the basement of a Notting Hill house with a multi-seater sofa, climbing wall, swing and play shop. The luxury interior was designed by Godrich.

The basement has become a real highlight of the home with a unique and iconic, multi-seater sofa, a Portobello Road influenced play-house and a state-of-the-art sound system. This large, open-plan room serves as both a living space, a playroom and a top-notch party pad!

Two sinks and a luxury bath in the bathroom of a Notting Hill mews house, with interior design by Godrich Interiors.